I think dogs can see in color. I know what you’re thinking, “I always heard they see in black and white.” Well, my dog sunny sleeps on a red piece of carpet. and rambo sleeps on a green one. NEVER REVERSED. Hmmmmmmmm……..

Today my dog sunny was sitting on one of our chairs like a human and me and mom were trying to say what she would say… “Derpy derp derp derp. Ima sit’in on a chair lak a humon.” LOL 😀

Now she’s starting to doze off… still on the chair sitting like a human. 😀 😀 :-b LOL LOL LOL LOL

yesterday I did some science and math and language arts in books, because our internet was down. Well now our internet is back up and I HAVE to do math and language and science and more ON SATURDAY! THAT WAS THE WHOLE REASON I DID THE SCHOOL IN MY BOOKS!!! There goes my saturday…. the day all children look forward to. Now I have to wait a whole week before i can have a day on computers to my self…..