I’ve got a job! It’s great! I am to make a ton of baby hats so my grandmother can give them to newborns at the hospital! 🙂 Happy Happy Happy! Quote from duck dynasty.

We lost our dogs today!! 😦

We put them in the backyard and they got out somehow. We called for them over and over. We came to get in the car and Rambo was there at the gate! 😮 We then searched the back neighborhood, calling out the car windows. We had not even gone far when i saw Sunny digging in a trashbag! :p EEEEW!!! They both stink and are throwing up all over the place. I’m happy they’re both back. 🙂

I think dogs can see in color. I know what you’re thinking, “I always heard they see in black and white.” Well, my dog sunny sleeps on a red piece of carpet. and rambo sleeps on a green one. NEVER REVERSED. Hmmmmmmmm……..